Friday, February 13, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!

I am 44 days late. hehe.

And I am still undecided on the issue regarding which blog I should blog at. Can some decisive individual of a friend please help me decide?!

You see. This blog has sentimental values. The other blog (which if i decide to use, chances are I'm gonna change the URL anyway. heh.) is sexy, has privacy options, friend's blog updates... blablabla.

Two blogs are too boring to maintain. I can't even be bothered with one. pffffft.

*sidetrack: i need to shit.

The only reason I am blogging now is because I am in school with nothing to do. Somehow the idea of being in school during the day time kind of appeals to me.. yet this is my final semester and I don't have to worry too much on whether I should switch to being a full time student or not. YET, finishing school in approximately 2.5 months is worrying in itself as I have to decide on my job options and the order they should come in. Should I go with Aussie resort, stewardess, then marketing, or straight to marketing, or skip the resort and start with stewarding..... I hate choices. I can never make up my mind. boo.

Back to why I am even awake at this ungodly hour. had a job briefing at 11am. GAWD. insanity. doctor's appointment is at 2.45pm, strip at wheelock, suntec, raffles place and cathay are fully booked for today, so that's one less activity to take up my time. I slept at 4.30am, woke at 9.30am, which leaves me extremely tired for the overnight shoot. How much worse can that one get anyway. I warned Joy that I have put on a tonne since she last saw me, plus my pimples overrunneth my stupid face.

Baby can you please buy me a new face?

Bythe way baby, I wanna stay on top of Bras Basah plaza. It looks good. Nice location. It's old so it means it's bigger. We can eat at Raffles everyday (super convenient), and we can tabao food from the buffet dinner to eat for breakfast the next day. It's closer to your school and mine, the library, and out future work place (central is near to everywhere). Just that there is no This Fashion nearby (ok. have. walk a bit more. at bugis.). You know I love my cheapo clothes. hehe.

*sidetrack: i REALLY need to shit now. but i'm too lazy. i'll leave in a while and go shit at the hotel instead.

I am so bored. and very very sleepy. Next week I will be super tired. 11 days of work, almost 12 hour shift daily, school after work for 6 of those days, and 2 projects to complete. Why do I do this kinda things to myself. One minute I'm the biggest bludger in town, next I'm over loading to the max.

Crazy cassan, Crazy.

*I'm re-posting this in lj.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thoroughly enjoyed the first 10 hours and 37 minutes of 2009.

A huge thank you goes out to every single friend that i met in that 10 hours and 37 minutes, including the 2 adorable kittens that happily climbed all over me at Ponggol End. You made the start of my new year absolutely wonderful!!!

I should really get some sleep now =D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just in case I get too lazy to blog before the year ends, here's a quick recap of the last month of 2008.

Hongyi's happy face when he thinks of a particular girl.

Extremely amazing pasta (which i will go into detail about some other time when i feel less lazy)

Certain things you won't be able to do soon: Smoke directly outside an entrance/exit of a mall.

Darling Girlfriend. Our ticket of hope will buy us manymany things some day!!!

lovelove mucho!! looking forward to more walks to cheers in the coming months!

my attempt at a cleavage!! and my adorable lovable baby!!!

baby likes my cleavage! LOL!

love =)

love =)

my fat bum, my lovelove, and meiyan in the middle =)

stop staring.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's not as easy as you'd think; to find someone on facebook. Timothy Yap, I cannot find you. Maybe I got the spelling wrong, but I went through 4 pages, and no you. =/

I have a long to-do list; coupled with on-coming exams. That's not too fun at all, I wanna go get drunk. Girlies bring me out pleaseeeee!!!!!!!! =D

Friday, November 21, 2008

The New Paper, dated 21 November 2008, Friday.

You guys didn't print my favourite Calvin & Hobbes today!!!!!

pfffffffffffffffffffft. =(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am BACK!!!!

for a while, till I disappear again (Duh~)

and I will update and find pictures from a while back and post them here!! yay. pictures galore if my uploading speed allows =) Be ready!! (They will be up AFTER this post, cos I'm gonna do them chronologically-reversed, and date them accordingly.)

Some days I wonder if I should whore my blog out, do crazy shit, advertise it everywhere, just to get more than 20 readers a day, THEN i will sign up for nuffnang, and get a check each month for adverts placed on my blog. Maybe I should find a community of people that have blos, and we all agree to click on each others blog daily to add to the readership, and we can all get checks from nuffnang. wheeeee!!!

I am too scheming sometimes.

I still donno what to do with all my blogs. I am too lazy to do my foodies blog. But I am gonna do one Cliffy and Cassan's story soon. HEE.

Cliff's drawing =)

Friday, October 31, 2008

October 2008
04 October 2008

Eh boyfriend! I just realised that it was one of the monthsaries that we went to see this place!!!

Cassan's interpretation of reserved seats, clockwise starting from top left.

Women with pony-tails AND big bellies.
Hairless big people carrying a small topless person AND holding a little BOY.
Hairless person with a stick.
Hairless person with a cane.

05 october 2008

Lao Hero. Never wear clothes.
Can't breathe in this fucking thing.

I got butt cramp after trying to climb this!!!!!
Warriors!!! We came in third!! =) With support from JOY!!! who is behind the camera =)
Macho warriors y'all!!

Dinner fit for third place winners! The sotong was damn good!!!
It was this fateful day that Meiyan and I became girlfriends. We decided that since we saw each other 99% naked in the shower (save for similarly see-thru thongs), and after a particular incident at St James =D

Hello Girlfriend!!!!

07 October 2008

Tuesdays at Walas!!!

I love boobies. heehee.

Told you I love boobies!!

The classic armpit clap!!!

Failed jumping shots!
10 October 2008

Overused sockets for boys (and girl) hard at work!

13 October 2008
Disgusting picture below, skip if you are easily grossed out!!!

See how far I've come? From a small little oil spot to TWO FULL PIECES AT ONE GO!!!! hehehe!!

18 October 2008
Alex's 24th!!!!! Looking radiant in the candlelight!! =)

Classic picture. I'll go dig up the older ones one day! Pattern never change!

Tricia cutting up the cake, seriously.
I'm 22, and he's 24!!! I'm lame, I know, see if I care =D
Me and artyfarty shots!!!

OHOHOHOHOH!!!! I won this random contest thingie that I joined with Jaclyn!!! This are my takings for that event =)

22 October 2008

Red One back in primary school at Farrer!!

31 October 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy!!!! You know I love you!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 2008

05 September 2008
A heavy downpour saw the boys huddling together as they ran for the car. aw.... so sweet!!

13 September 2008
They were giving out paperbags in town; advertisement for some condom thing i think. I like the bag hehe.

15 September 2008
More huddling. Maybe the rain the previous time was just an excuse.... HMMMMM.....

18 September 2008

Boy, Edwin, and Mike's Birthday at St James

MORE hugs. *coughgay*cough!! =p

Get a room!

Jane looks super cute here!

Cindy, me and the Girlfriend. Awww.. I miss the my girlfriend!!

I can't remember what this was about... But cute la. heh.
Like a.. "Don't mess with my booze" sorta thing.

You see, it was a picture with Cliff and me.. then the extras squished in!! lol.

Cassan hearts 3-way kisses.. it's the best way to go!!

Twosomes are sloppier, but just not as fun =p Eh Mike, what you trying to do to Joy behind there huh.. tsktsk.

Girlfriend and I turned Karaoke session into RnB clubbing!!!

More loving moments... =D
I like this picture. So sweet.
Love is when your friend holds you up so you can smoke properly, when you can barely stand..

The girls. 4 of us escaped to powerhouse earlier to get the 5 free drinks (Joy wasn't here then). Jane came back the sober-est. But that much tequila, EW. It's nice when the world spins, but not when your throat tastes like crap.
When people were sober.
RnB: so the sofa became the podium. Took eons to get Jane up there =)

End of the night: Edwin was terribly gone, that's all I remember. LOL.

25 September 2008

Bag too heavy.. Made him carry my bag for the first time. And I insisted that carrying it any other way will spoil my bag. hehehe!

26 September 2008

Cute things that make me happy!
why can't my hamsters live in harmony??!!!! grrrrrrr.
Getting #77 tag!!!!! Was so tempted to run away with this tag. heh.

27 September 2008


Got free tickets; and free is free even if not as atas as Esther Leong's air-conditioned, free-flowing-food-and-drinks-seats =D

One of our allocated entrances =)

Tsktsk. Spend so much money onthe track, but can't spend a little more to fix this; tourist fall down how? It's gonna leave a bad image of the country!!

Lots of drinks just lying there, with no security; should have stolen some.. you'll find out why in a while..

Signpost! I refused to take pictures cos I was extremely grumpy. I was sweating like a pig (without lipstick; I'm not an American you see.) in my jeans. Why jeans? Because the dress-code was smart casual, and shorts to me do not fall under smart-casual; and I didn't want to wear a dress because I knew I might have to climb around and sit on the ground.

The pretty cars and minimal shade under the trees made me a little happier.

I love this car!! so pretty!!!

This I like cos it's GREEN!

The CLK (or is it the S?!), before it became what it is today.

Another sexy car, one of them was a Jaguar, I just can't remember which!

Happy people =) This was when the sun was setting, and we had cooled off at Starbucks at One Fullerton.

Picturesque sunset.

Thanks Boyfriend. =)

Ferrari!! It's behind bars =/

The crowd trying to get out during the "intermission"

Hoards of people purchasing Ferrari merchandise

This is the reason why I should have stolen drinks!!

A parting shot; My entry ticket, and wax-covered ear plugs =D

28 September 2008

Met up with Cliff's friends after F1 for drinks, and to watch the sexy people play pool.

Meiyan and her German friend, Your Highness (This spelling is so much cooler than the real thing. heh.)